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Virgilio Vasconcelos

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I'm an Animation Professor at LUCA School of Arts, campus C-mine in Genk, Belgium. I teach at the Re:Anima Joint Master in Animation and I'm a senior researcher at the Inter-Actions Research Unit. My research interests include philosophy of Technics, power relations inscribed in and reinforced by technical objects, and decolonial perspectives in animation. Previously, I was an Animation Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), in Brazil. MFA and PhD by the Graduate Program in Arts at EBA/UFMG. I'm also a free software advocate, animator, rigger and I also like to code. You can see some of my works and know a bit more about me at:

ORCID LUCA School of Arts/KU Leuven LinkedIn YouTube

Blender Animation Book

I've written a book about Rigging and Animation in Blender for Packt Publishing. You can get the files here.

Old Blog

Yes, I had a blog. Haven't updated it since 2011. Anyway, if you need something from there I have kept backwards compatibility and you can read it below.

After I saw the news that the rendering optimizations made by the user known as Jaguarandi were merged into the trunk branch of Blender 2.5, I decided to make a little experiment:

Using the file provided by the well known Blender Render Benchmark, I've compared the rendering speeds of the current 2.49b and 2.5 (svn revision 23930). Obviously the speed of two instances of Blender rendering the same scene while recording it in HD resolution isn't the most ideal environment. But still, blender 2.5 was able to render the scene twice before 2.49b could finish the first one.

In normal conditions (without resource hungry processes in parallel and with 2 dedicated threads), the render time using version 2.49b was 01m03s, while 2.50 finished it in amazing 25s! :)

This new Blender is getting more exciting each day. I would like to thank and give my kudos to all the developers!

For those curious, my system is a Core2Duo 2.53 GHz, using Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit. Video recorded with RecordMyDesktop and edited with Blender.

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Pablo Lizardo said:

Nice music and video!
It's been done in blender? (Edit: you say so!)
Thanks for the benchmark!!!! 2.5 rules! :D

lucky said:

haha, nice test!

stephen said:

my guess is that RecordMyDestkop shared a core with 2.49. try it like this:

time blender -b input.blend -f 1
time blender2.5 -b input.blend -f 1

Virgilio said:

Hey guys!

Thanks for the feedback!

@stephen: I did this test before I went recording. ;)

Juan Pablo Bouza said:

Jaja!! Great!

Amarneethi said:

"...let's be polite and wait for 2.49b to finish its job :) " thats crazy...
Try rendering separately with 2.5 and 2.49. So that we get more accurate results... We dont knw which core the system is using much and which one not... Anyway just a opinion....

stephen said:

Virgilio --

Thanks for verifying it. I'm sure i'm not alone in how impressive the blender project/contributers are. I am blown away that they do so much and keep the app as responsive as it is.

Thanks for making that film!

Dm7 said:

Wow! I had to laugh while you throw in "listening to what you have to say" messages, while waiting for both rendering to finish their job! That really cracked me up and it really made video way more fun to watch! Thanks! And thanks for doing it the subtitle way too... since I'm deaf. Very hard nowadays to follow tutorials because of that video trend... T_T so I give you a bonus star for that! Very awesome comparasion, considering that you got recorder running as well!

AMGO said:

Really wonderfull Thanks Jaguarandi great job, I love Blender more than ever. ja

Reyn said:

Wow! That was fast! And you even tried rerendering that of the 2.5! Hahaha! That was just awesome! Thanks, man.

(I think I'll have a try at test rendering in 2.5 too)


nikola said:

I am anxious if making 2.50 be the active window is not influencing the speed - the inactive window could be getting penalties at process priority

Virgilio said:

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback! :)

@Dm7: I'm very happy you liked it and that my subtitles were helpful! :)

@nikola: actually I did this test a couple of times before I decided to record it to put online. I believe the real test is the one I did without any concurrency: this way Blender 2.5 was even faster. The video is more to illustrate that than a scientific experiment. :)


Martín Eschoyez said:

Virgilio, nothing more to add, but i wanted to say that this is a really good video. NIce music, and i've really LOL to those comments. Thanks you and Jaguarandi!

therealnoz said:

Very nice. This will help a lot!

agilliorink said:

Hi...... post good :)