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I'm a Digital Animation Professor (2D and 3D) at UFMG. MFA and PhD by EBA/UFMG. Free software advocate. Animator, rigger, coder, researcher. You can see some of my works and know a bit more about me at:

Vimeo Lattes

Blender Animation Book

I've written a book about Rigging and Animation in Blender for Packt Publishing. You can get the files here.

Old Blog

Yes, I had a blog. Haven't updated it since 2011. Anyway, if you need something from there I have kept backwards compatibility and you can read it below.

Finally the render is done. :)

Without much talking, here you can watch the result of my classes with Keith Lango in his Animation Personal Trainer program.

You can also download the quicktime in higher resolution, so you can see the details, like the smoke on the cigarrete. :)

About the classes, I couldn't be more satisfied. Keith is a really nice guy and an outstanding teacher: he expresses his ideas like very few and his experience makes him have a very keen eye for details.

On his introductory video, he made something very clear: if anyone in the program is looking for unconditional praise, it's more effective to show your animation to your mom. His job is to criticize what is needed, point out better solutions and praise only what deserves to be praised. This kind of feedback is really important for anyone who wants to grow as a professional. He looks at EVERYTHING on your work, and gives you very detailed information on how to improve your skills.

To take the four week classes there is a fee of 950 dollars. It's a considerable amount of money for who lives in a country with a weaker currency like mine, but what I've got in return is priceless. I even want to make it again in a near future.

One big advantage of APT is its "personal" side. The program fits your needs and areas of weakness. Because of this, if you make this program more than once, it won't be the same.

It follows a pretty simple method: there are some exercises for the week and, after you send him the results, he returns you a video with his impressions/suggestions/critics.

The classes are application agnostic, so you can use any program you want, and any medium (claymation, 2d...). In my case I used Blender, with Bassam Kurdali's rig Mancandy with some changes made by me.

In my humble opinion, I can't recommend it enough. If you have the money to invest in your animation education, I'd say go for it. :)

You can read more on the program on its FAQ page.

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inazuma said:


VV, Congrats! That was fantastic! Great expressions.

And, of course, very cool that you used MC and Blender.

Keep it up!!!

inazuma said:

Sorry for the double-post...

But, I just have to elaborate on how much I love the eye-work :-) Great stuff...

Dread Knight said:


pustulax said:

I saw your blog on the planet blender site ;
I'm really glad to see Hi-quality animation made in blender, that's so great !!

one or two point that can get improvement (personal thought... and with just my little exeprience... take it as you want) :
your overlap and followthroug are greatly done, the anticipation of the head going back at the beguining is done greatlly too, nothing to say about that.

the thing that bother me the more is arc and path : keep track of the nose, you can see a some straight line wich can be improve by some little breakdow to give better arc
your blink are also a bit even, tryto make a "lazy eye", just by off-setting one key or just give a little difference during the blink : it will echo with the difference of shape of your brows....

well those are little things , and it can be discussed but you an try that if you want...
I think that you may have a great time with keith : your animation is really cool and good !

keep it up man

Dalai Felinto said:

clap, clap, clap :)

This is a good way to start writing here, for these are universal words.

Parabéns Virgílio. Trabalho de primeiríssima qualidade.
Não é rasgação de seda não, não crítico e chato as vezes, e ja estou achando que estas aulas valem ouro (e custam prata :) ).

Even though you have great and strong poses I thought the observations of pustulax interesting.

I wonder what Keith said you about this final animation.


pinK said:

Hey! Congrats!! Keith seems a lover of animation and I'm sure that yours commentaries respect for you animation are great help!

You do the right thing studying with him, congrats :D

(and sorry for my poor english)

Yorik said:

For me the best part is the last movement he does with his head... Too real!

Guilherme Araujo said:

Ae Virgilio!

Cara muito legal essa cena! Realmente por tudo que vc me disse e por eu ver o resultado final agora esse curso com o Keith Lango deve ser muito bom!
Gostei muito do sentimento de afirmacao que vc conseguiu imprimir qdo ele fala "Yes, I´m a mormon."
Bem legal
Keep going

Virgilio said:

Hey, guys! :)

Thanks a lot! I'm very happy to read your feedback.

Those tips from pustulax were indeed very good. I'm not sure if I'll change on this piece, but those are things I'll definitely pay more attention on future works. Thanks a lot for that. :)

Cheers, and obrigado! ;)